Established nearly twenty years ago, Proserv continues to be the most experienced company in the foodservice distribution sector in Panama, offering integral solutions that respond to the demand of restaurants, hotels and the like. We have a team of highly trained and committed professionals to help our clients succeed, offering quality products at competitive prices with the highest service levels in the market. We manage an extensive portfolio of products, both local and imported, which we deliver on-time to facilitate the preparation, consistency and quality of our customers' recipes. Proserv's corporate Chef continuously supports the company’s sales team, training them on the origins, uses, features and benefits of all our ingredients. We strive to know each of our customers’ menus in order to provide the best alternatives and solutions, resulting in an empathic and intrinsic service.

We maintain state-of-the-art warehousing, distribution equipment and facilities for dry, refrigerated and frozen products, guaranteeing the cold-chain, resulting in the highest quality in every delivery. We have developed an advanced technological platform that allows us to meticulously measure all aspects of our daily operations.

Our goal is to become more than a supplier. We aspire to become a strategic partner that inspires confidence with every delivery -- beginning with a visit or phone call with the customer, to the delivery of products, problem solving and the collection of the final accounts receivable. Our service goes well beyond selling quality products. We have developed excellent training courses for our clients in alliance with The Foodservice Institute (developed by Proserv). The Foodservice Institute offers high-quality training on techniques for improving customer service, health and hygiene in the kitchen, menu engineering, and cost management.The extensive experience we have acquired over the years by focusing exclusively on the foodservice sector positions us as the best alternative at the national level.


Become the main supplier for each one of our clients: Our daily mission is to offer the initial and most complete solution for each of our clients.


Become the world's leading foodservice distribution company for quality and service: Ser el líder mundial no significa volumen, si no el poder de brindar consistencia y variedad, respaldado con el mejor servicio y calidad.


Our values serve us as a tangible guide for our staff 's conduct, selection and evaluation.:

  • Passion
  • Care
  • Perseverance
  • Health and wellness